Let's Set the Stage to Engage!

Take your ordinary content and make an extraordinary learning experience for your students! It's time to Set the Stage to Engage!


Take Your Instruction to the Next Level!


Fill your teacher bag of tricks with brand new resources to take your ordinary content and make it extraordinary for your students. In this course, you will learn how to implement and make simple changes that will create BIG impacts in your classroom.


Set the Stage to Engage strategies can be implemented in any grade level with any content or program you already have in place. You have the "WHAT" (standards). Hope and Wade will show you the HOW - how to deliver your content standards in ways that will inspire and motivate your learners to master the content and strive for academic achievement. 


True engagement is not all fun and games. Set the Stage to Engage is created to transform our students thinking from being a "survivor" in the classroom to being a true learner who is ready to attack new challenges and strive for more! Help your students develop the drive and desire to reach the standards and go beyond. 

Meet Hope & Wade King

Hope and Wade have been perfecting student engagement for the past 11 years and have trained over 50,000 educators. And now they are sharing all of their best resources right here in a monthly subscription. Join Hope and Wade as they take you step-by-step on a journey to creativity in the classroom. 


Your Set the Stage to Engage All-Access Pass Includes:

Crash Course Videos

Join Hope and Wade as they share their best tips, tricks, trials, and errors to student engagement in the classroom. The best part? This PD can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere! This course includes over 70 videos that will guide you on your journey to creativity. Your path to a creative breakthrough begins right now! 

Digital Resources

Ready to make your first move? Hope and Wade provide you with over 50 digital resources to help you create content that integrates strong engagement techniques with your unique content standards.

A Self-Paced Journey

Everyone's creative journey will look completely different. That's the beauty of journey. With Set the Stage to Engage, you can go back and rewatch videos, revisit ideas, and add on to your list of engagement strategies as fast or slow as you'd like. Remember, the key to making an impact is to take it slow, find consistency, and strive for progress not perfection. 

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"Set the Stage to Engage has been a game changer for me!  It helped me get through my first year teaching 6th grade. My students loved when I would dress up or transform the room. They wanted more and loved coming to my class! I want to be a wave maker and have that ripple effect, and Set the Stage to Engage has guided me on that journey."

Jennifer Reeves
6th Grade Teacher, Moore Public Schools, Oklahoma

It's time to Set the Stage to Engage!


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